because we know that all of us like sunset too much we searched  for something that will make you happy which is a surprise for each one like sunset read the following paragraph and you will know what we mean ...

When we were little, we hated going to bed more than anything.
Sweet slumber is a much more appreciated commodity nowadays, but we still find ourselves wishing there were more hours in each day. If only we could race across the skies in a private 767, outrunning the sunset and never seeing darkness.
Well, we’ve found the next best thing.
Eternal Sunset is a website that tracks 250 webcams across 49 countries. At any given time, the sun’s setting somewhere, and Eternal Sunset will show it to you.
It won’t add hours to your day (quite the contrary) but if you’ve always dreamed of seeing the perfect sunset in Napoli, Egypt, or from atop Mount Fuji, park yourself in front of your ‘puter and watch that fiery globe fall. Over and over again.

this is the link of the site

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